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What do you know about root canal therapy? Have you ever been told that it’s an extremely painful treatment? Luckily, this isn’t actually true. In fact, root canal therapy has made advancements in recent years, making it much less painful than it has been in the past. However, even though receiving this treatment is more comfortable than it has been in the past, you should still try to avoid the need for this treatment whenever you can.

Fortunately, there are many things you can try doing to avoid root canal therapy. As you’ve probably heard, you should floss and brush your teeth daily. If you don’t keep up with your oral hygiene, you could end up with a cavity—which is basically a hole in your tooth. This means bacteria and plaque can spread to the center of your teeth very quickly. If this happens, root canal therapy could be the only way you can save your tooth.

Following a balanced diet could also help you avoid the need for root canal therapy. We recommend enjoying healthy foods, including carrots or apples. It’s also important for you to stay hydrated, but please do so by drinking water instead of something sugary.

Finally, it is important to remember that there are a few symptoms you need to watch for. For instance, if you have experienced trauma or have a large cavity, you may need root canal therapy. Similarly, if the root of your tooth is infected, our team may recommend the treatment. Be aware that you may not recognize an infected root, although you could develop a severe toothache.

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