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When you go to buy toothpaste, what are your deciding factors? Do you worry about the price, the size of the tube, the flavor, or the brand? While these are all important factors, there are others that you should consider. For example, did you realize that virtually every dentist recommends toothpaste that contains of fluoride to fight off cavities? If you are interested in learning more, please read on.

Sensitive Teeth: If you have sensitive teeth, there are toothpastes that can help you. In as little as four weeks, these toothpastes can block the pain caused by sensitive teeth. If you keep using it, you can continue enjoying the relief it offers.

Whitening Toothpastes: Some toothpastes are specifically designed to whiten teeth. Instead of using gel, these toothpastes bond to your stains and pull them up. If you worry about the health risks associated with these toothpastes, you don’t need to. Scientists have found that whitening toothpastes are just as safe as other toothpastes.

Toothpastes for Tartar Control: Every smile has plaque on it. If this plaque isn’t cared for properly, it can harden into tarter. Unfortunately, plaque is hard to control and can lead to gum disease. Granted, most toothpastes have ingredients specifically intended to prevent plaque build-up, but there are some toothpastes that contain multiple plaque-fighting ingredients. These have been proven to be more effective.

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