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Do you know anyone who’s dealing with sensitive teeth? Are you dealing with this issue yourself? Did you know that because sensitive teeth can be caused by several different issues, there are a number of treatment options you should consider?

For instance, did you know that sensitive teeth might actually be caused by gum disease, tooth decay, and soft enamel? While these can be serious on their own, we can help you prevent or address these problems, which could help your sensitivity. Of course, brushing and flossing your teeth at home can also help you fight off tooth decay and gum disease.

Fortunately, there are other issues you could avoid simply by changing the way you brush. In reality, brushing your teeth too hard or with a brush that has hard bristles could hurt your teeth and cause your sensitivity. When you brush you should also remember to use circular motions.

Teeth grinding can also lead to sensitive teeth. While you might be able to avoid teeth grinding simply by making a conscious decision, many people unintentionally grind their teeth while they’re asleep. Luckily, our team can help you avoid this problem with a mouthguard or another treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about sensitive teeth, or about avoiding sensitive teeth, please feel free to give Vela Dental Centers Crosstown a call at 361.884.2266. Dr. Ben Vela & Henry Arendono and the rest of our team will gladly answer any of your questions and examine your mouth for signs of trouble. We’re excited to receive your call soon.